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Please feel free to use this email address for all your concerns and orders. We check our email constantly during business hours. We believe that every email is of importance and deserves of our full attention.

E-mail us at:

If you have a representative, please add their name to the subject line.

(808)982-4333   6am to 2pm, Monday through Friday, Hawaii Standard Time

(808)982-4333 24/7

PO Box 1289
Kurtistown, HI 96760

Mahalo for Shopping With Us!
Our business philosophy is to provide you with the highest quality flowers and the most attentive service, filled with the spirit of Aloha, and all the warmth that is Hawaii.

We offer representatives to serve you personally and take care of every facet of your flower order.

A Little About Us
Our farms' acreage and our facilities are located on the Big Island of Hawaii in the center of the world's finest tropical flower growing region. This location also gives us easy access to the abundance of acre upon acre of greenhouses of other growers, full of exotic tropical flowers that are quickly available for extremely large or special orders.

We pack literally thousands of flowers every day, and one of our prime concerns is that every flower we pack is received at its destination fresh and beautiful, as our Satisfaction Guarantee promises. To ensure our success, we conduct an ongoing program of shipping tests created by industry specialists over years of intense scrutiny. In this way we make sure our shipping methodology and fulfillment is constantly at the very highest quality level, and that the flowers you receive will indeed be fresh and beautiful.

Each freshly cut flower is placed by hand in our specially developed packing materials created by our packaging engineers to keep flowers as close as possible to their peak of beauty for their journey to you. When you receive your order, we trust you will immediately see the difference in the quality and freshness of your order as a result of our attention to every detail.

We use FedEx® exclusively as our shipper due to the extra care they take with your flowers which we find is unavailable using other shippers. Two dedicated planes from Hilo send our products to the mainland most days days of the week.

We believe that your flowers will be so fresh and in such fine condition that we offer a very generous Satisfaction Guarantee, and stand behind it 100%. We want you to enjoy the experience every time you shop with us.

Please contact us about any special order, special service, questions, comments, testimonials, or to just say Aloha!

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